The Ultimate Collection

What's in the Ultimate Collection?

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Do you want to become the crème de la crème?

How successful do you really want to be?

Do you want to write 5 or 10 times more contracts per day without even thinking how to do it?

It’s easy and I have done all the work for you.

Your contracts will be extraordinary and help protect all parties to the transaction.

Your career will explode as will your bank account!

Grasp the modern, unique and superior structured concepts, suggestions, action plans and procedures and use them to make yourself absolutely indispensable, no more paralyzed fear for your clients or you.

EVERYTHING is in WORD. PAPERLESS or hard copies it is all right here.

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Each of the sections below have full explanations and step by step instructions. Just follow the itemized document and you will see just how easy you can complete each of the steps. I did put it in a simplified step by step format for you. Everything is explained on what to do at the first meeting, how to set up the showings/appointments, what to ask your customers/clients - it's all here! You will be blown away as they say.

  • Checklist | Arriving at the First Meeting with the Buyers up and until They Want to Write an Offer
  • Checklist | Questionnaire to Listing Agents/Reps | Prior to Writing an Offer
  • Checklist | Questionnaire to Listing Agents/Reps | Ready to Write an Offer
  • Checklist | for Preparing a Contract | with and without explanations
  • Checklist | for Presenting a Contract | with and without explanations
    • Including Changing the Contract Prior To Subject Removal
    • Including Subjects | Removed/Fulfilled or Waived | Explanation
  • Checklist | after Sale Service | After a Firm Sale | with and without explanations

The Ultimate Buyers Presentation Package

There are step by step instructions how to set up The Ultimate Buyers Presentation Package including cover sheets already pre-typed for each section you want to include. There is everything you could possibly think of to make you outshine the competition including ideas, what you need to have, how to explain everything, the order of presentation and forms for them to complete including an unbelievable description already typed for you on why they should work with you. I called it Why You Should Work With Me | I Am Your Professional Consultant and Advisor. It is fantastic. Everything is in word so just edit it to suit you and your personality and you are done. You will be absolutely amazed.

Forms for all your Real Estate Business

Just a few examples [there are many more all pre-done for you, ready to use and remember they are suitable for paperless or hard copies]

  • Addendums and amendments | samples of
  • Birthday | Anniversary Record Sheet
  • Buyer’s forms and checklists
  • Checklists
  • Commissions
  • Confidentiality
  • Confirm Your Advice [CYA] [when a buyer wants to exclude some or all subjects]
  • Consent forms
  • Customer Care Programme
  • Deposits
  • Disclaimers
  • Disclosure forms
  • Fax cover sheets
  • Measurements - square footage, age, lot size
  • Moving Checklist
  • Presenting offers | delayed or only you can present the offers
  • Questionnaires | a few samples are
    • Buyers | First Meeting/Phone Call
    • Buyers Information Record Sheet
    • Must Haves and Would Like
    • To Listing Agents/Reps | Prior to Writing an Offer
    • To Listing Agents/Reps | Ready to Write an Offer
    • Buyers | First Meeting/Phone Call
  • Questions and Answers | From the Public
  • Referrals
  • Releases
  • Showings
  • Strata
  • Tenants
  • Tour dates
  • Waivers
  • Why You Should Work With Me | I Am Your Professional Consultant and Advisor

Backup Offers

A list of statements and clauses whenever a buyer is put in a second position.

Contract Statements on Prepared Addendums

Common statements, subjects and property specifics on prepared addendums.

Thank You Notes

Sample thank you notes for buyers, referrals, colleagues, after sales service and agents opens.

Vehicle Supplies & To Do Lists

Setting up Files and Vehicle Supplies including sample shopping lists.

Pre-Typed Headings

Full index for cover sheets, buyers presentation package, and file folder headings/labels.

Clauses and Phrases | Statements | Famous Five [Subjects] | Property Specifics or the ‘Stuff’

All the clauses, phrases, statements, subjects and property specifics or 'stuff' are done in two formats; one just in word and the others in word on prepared addendums so you have the option of copying these onto your boards addendums and amendments or use the ones already pre-typed and pre-done for you. It is your choice. All these are in alphabetical order so if you are looking for a specific statement or subject, it’s there. There are hundreds of pages and again all in an editable format. This is so simple and so very easy for you. Think of the time this will save you. How long would it take you to type all this? Who cares? It’s all pre-typed and prepared especially for you!