Barbara Bell-Olsen
Barbara Bell-Olsen
Barbara Bell-Olsen has worked in the real estate profession more than thirty-four years. She has been a broker/owner and is currently a managing broker. Bell-Olsen has developed, written, and presented a variety of real estate courses. She lives in British Columbia.

Stay out of Real Estate Jail - Your Lifeline to Real Estate

2009 – Present

A fantastic book for both experienced and new real estate agents worldwide. The book gives a review of all the clauses and phrases that could be in most of your real estate contracts including the subjects and property specific statements/subjects.

The Ultimate Collection | Your Lifeline to Real Estate

2009 – Present


You can find this in the section on my website of all the forms, checklists, documents, clauses, phrases, statements, subjects, property specifics, forms, and more...

Barb's Buzz on Business

This is a free newsletter that I write and e-mail as necessary for all licensees. [It was initially intended for those who have taken my courses]

Easy to understand explanations/information regarding changes or updates from our authorities

Questions, concerns or comments from our colleagues or

Just general confirmation/information about the real estate industry

I write this newsletter for my fellow Real Estate Agents for free and send it those who signed up to receive it. Barb's Buzz on Business contains updates of what is happening with changes by our authorities or confirmation of concerns our licensees are having.

Often many of my colleagues will e-mail their questions or concerns to me and I will act as an intermediary between them and our authorities to obtain clarification or explanation of their questions. This saves our authorities from receiving the same questions/concerns from a number of REALTORS{R} and then I will help them by reviewing the issues in my Barb's Buzz on Business.

This is published only as required and for free since it helps me give something back to a professional industry that has been so fantastic to me.

I am FIERCELY PROUD to be a real estate agent and I want everyone to get that same feeling. I sincerely believe in co-operation and mutual respect between all licensees.

We are a real estate family and even though we are a competitive family, we are family who work together to everyone’s advantage.

'Writing Enforceable Contracts 101 - 104' and 'Multiple Offers'

2006 – Present

I am an outside approved accredited Instructor for the British Columbia Real Estate Association [BCREA] and teach 5 contract courses throughout our Real Estate Boards in British Columbia, Canada. The courses are eligible for the Professional Development Programme and credits are earned by attending.


  • ‘Writing Enforceable Contracts 101’
  • ‘Writing Enforceable Contracts 102’
  • ‘Writing Enforceable Contracts 103’
  • ‘Writing Enforceable Contracts 104’
  • ‘Multiple Offers’

These courses are for both new and experienced salespeople. I love teaching and I thrive on trying to help my colleagues become the very best they can be.

I try to always 'walk the talk' and operate on the words 'consider it done'.